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Established in 1985

About Us

Schaer Development of Central Florida is committed to providing exemplary ethics, honesty and quality work when we are part of the construction team on every job we are awarded. We strive to exceed your expectations in completing a quality job in a timely manner. ~ Proudly established in 1985~
​​​Our Services
​We are a local, family owned, family run company located in Land O' Lakes, Florida. We started out in 1985 and had the same values then as we do now. We take pride in bringing the BEST to your project.
Our Licensing
General Contracting:
CGC1516357, CGC055184
Underground Utility:
CUC040071, CUC1224699
Plumbing: CFC056745
Fire Line Class V: 69914000011990, 214865-0001-2011
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